About Meghan Diemel

An internship provides direction


My interest in telling the stories of others began through an internship I held while a senior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I was assigned the task of biographer for two nursing home residents who were recovering from strokes. While impaired speech was an obstacle, I was able to write the life stories of those two residents as a result of our time together that semester.

 After 20 years, this experience still resonates with me. Everyone deserves to have their story told – what's is yours?

Accomplished Storyteller

As an accomplished storyteller, I have a wide range of experiences in writing and editing for businesses, organizations and publications.

My public relations experience covers everything from writing basic press releases to labor-intensive speeches, talking points and crisis communication pieces for esteemed community leaders.

My first experience in journalism was as the editor of a start-up weekly newspaper. During this tenure, I wrote several stories a week while managing the physical production of the paper. But most important to me was the ability to connect with the community.

My work in journalism continues, with feature stories appearing in regional magazines and newspapers, some of which have been picked up nationally by USA Today outlets across the United States. Those stories have covered topics in the health and wellness industry; issues related to aging; the wedding industry; food and drink; and parenting matters. 

A career comes into focus


As I head into the next decade of working in publishing and public relations, my accomplishments in each allow me to quickly adapt writing style and tone to meet the client’s needs. 

How can I help you bring your story – or the story of your business – into focus?